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ESG Commercial tailors programs to the needs of offices, shopping centres and other public buildings to create hassle-free, environmentally sustainable away-from-home washroom experiences that reduce consumption and save on costs.

ESG Commercial brings together 100% recycled washroom paper products with the world’s leading range of hand wash and hand sanitisers to assist businesses in committing to environmentally responsible initiatives.

Public places are traditionally associated with unclean, unhygienic and messy toilets. This is true for offices, shopping centres and other public venues.

Reducing the spread of germs within an office or public building should be a high priority for businesses. With 80% of germs being transferred by the hands alone, an effective hand sanitising program should be considered a high priority. Through efficient management of washroom supplies and systems, these problems can be overcome.


The ESG Commercial program:

  • provides unrivaled controlled-use dispensing systems complete with 100% recycled washroom papers that saves on costs, provides comfort and is environmentally proactive
  • implements a range of PURELL® hand sanitising gels and foams that significantly reduce the spread of germs thereby decreasing illness in both staff and members of the public
  • offers full training and support for team members
  • supports environmental initiatives while promoting sustainable leadership