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Understanding the importance of product choice and environmental responsibility is vital for students and teachers alike, and ESG's Education Program can assist in spreading awareness and going 'Green' within your school, university or college.

ESG can assist in optimising your green initiatives by equipping the washrooms in your educational facility with cutting-edge dispensing systems and 100% recycled papers.

Minimising the spread of germs in educational facilities should be a high priority, and ESG’s Education Program caters for all facilities, from childcare through to tertiary campuses, addressing hand hygiene needs and reducing the risk of widespread illness.

Our unique controlled-use dispensing systems, together with a full 100% recycled paper program, selection of premium soap formulas, a leading brand of hand sanitiser and a broad network of partners, will bring you a level of service and support beyond your expectations. ESG Green Washrooms is more than an environmental choice – it is a decision that will see a positive impact on all staff and students.


The ESG Education Program:

  • provides a full range of GOJO® and PURELL® hand sanitising gels and foams that will help to reduce the spread of illness and therefore decrease absenteeism
  • incorporates 100% recycled washroom papers that make a big statement about your commitment to bettering the environment
  • delivers controlled-use dispensing systems that will reduce the workload of your maintenance staff while reducing wastage
  • offers competitive packages backed up by trial periods that will prove how our systems can help to reduce costs dramatically