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ESG Government provides a complete environmentally preferable washroom package for local, state and federal governments, defence departments and council owned services that will exceed expectations.

Ensuring that all facilities are not only using the most environmentally preferable products on the market, but also providing a range of skin care products that optimise workplace hygiene and program effectiveness, ESG Government promises the best washroom solution for your public and government facilities.

The ESG Green Washrooms program provides a tailored washroom program for any washroom facility that supports the principles of corporate and social responsibility.

Our understanding of ‘being green’ is about implementing and utilising products that create a healthy living and working space while reducing environmental impacts.


The ESG Government program:

  • provides a complete away-from-home washroom program incorporating paper, hand hygiene and odour control solutions
  • utilises controlled-use dispensing systems, 100% recycled paper products and easy efficient maintenance
  • offers full training, implementation services and support packages
  • promotes environmental initiatives and sustainable leadership