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Seen something you like or want to know more? Ask ESG


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ESG Healthcare provides a tailored program that promotes hand hygiene compliance in all healthcare settings, significantly reducing the risks of cross-contamination.

We provide Healthcare facilities with the world’s best hand hygiene systems, coupled with sound education and awareness packages, so that all staff know when, how and why to wash and sanitise their hands.

ESG Healthcare cares about the well-being of your staff, patients and residents. We specialise in hand hygiene systems that increase compliance and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

We offer a world leading hand sanitising formula, designed to be gentle on the skin while killing germs, and a complete 100% recycled paper program that is proven to be more effective than air drying alternatives when it comes to reducing harmful hand bacteria.


The ESG Healthcare program:

  • implements a full hand hygiene program based on PURELL’s® 70% ethanol formula, available in a gel and foam formulations
  • offers complete educational packages to build awareness and support
  • focuses on sanitising, washing and moisturising healthy hands
  • utilises touch free dispensers to help reduce the spread of germs
  • incorporates 100% recycled washroom paper enhancing environmental practices