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ESG Hospitality offers a full washroom program that has been developed to meet AQIS requirements whilst ensuring your staff and customers enjoy premium quality hand hygiene products and 100% recycled washroom papers.

The ESG Hospitality program ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction while boosting environmental and social responsibility.

Within the hospitality industry, it is important to ensure that a high level of hand hygiene occurs and that this is seen by customers. The most effective way to achieve this is by implementing a plan that is not only easy and effortless for staff, but is also obvious to customers. By utilising one of the world’s leading brands of hand sanitiser and soaps, this is easily achieved.

A presentable washroom is very important to ensure that the entire guest experience is exceptional. By implementing a washroom program that includes 100% recycled paper products provided in proprietary dispensing systems, you are assured of not only a reduction in wastage, but also an reduction in your overall washroom spend. Pair this with premium soap formulations and an unmatched odour control program, you can be assured that your venue will always be at its most presentable.

The ESG Hospitality program:

  • increases hand hygiene compliance with a range of trusted GOJO® and PURELL® hand sanitising gels and foams
  • optimises your guests’ washroom experience by reducing maintenance and incorporating controlled-use dispensing systems
  • advocates responsible environmental choice with 100% recycled washroom papers
  • will help to reduce costs associated with washroom upkeep