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ESG Industrial comprises a complete washroom package for hard-working hands in industrial and manufacturing environments.

By choosing to use environmentally preferable products that include hygienic hand solutions designed for hard working hands, you can create a healthier work site while positively impacting upon the environment.

The ESG Green Washrooms program provides a tailored program for any washroom facility that supports the principles of corporate and social responsibility.

Workers regularly come into contact with stubborn soils including grease, tar and oil. When you combine these abrasive soils with the strain put on working hands it is no surprise that contact dermatitis, difficulty removing soils and hand hygiene are constant issues in mining, manufacturing and food processing areas. ESG Asia Pacific can cater a program to your work site’s needs that will help to take care of stressed and over worked hands while being environmentally conscious.


The ESG Industrial program:

  • utilises controlled-use dispensing systems, 100% recycled paper products and easy efficient maintenance
  • incorporates GOJO® heavy-duty hand cleaners, GOJO® Hand Medic Professional Skin conditioner and PURELL® Hand Sanitiser
  • uses NILodor® odour control systems to ensure all facilities, no matter how remote or used, will always be fresh and useable
  • offers full training, implementation services and continued working support
  • provides systems that guarantee both savings in cost and time