Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I change to environmentally preferable products?

Beyond the obvious answer that it is better for the environment, there are a number of benefits in switching to environmentally preferable products and programs with ESG Asia Pacific. Going ‘green’ isn’t just about the product that you use, but also the way in which you use it. ESG’s Green Washrooms Program is tailored to your business’s needs and, with our controlled-use systems, will help to reduce wastage, therefore reducing the overall cost. Making the change with ESG isn’t only a smart business decision, it also makes a statement about your willingness to take a stance on bettering our environment.

What does recycled really mean?

When it comes to paper products in the away-from-home washroom market, recycled can only mean one thing to us, paper made from 100% recycled material and consisting of a percentage of post-consumer waste. We are aware that when the word “recycled” appears on some product packaging it can sometimes mean that only 50% of the materials used are in fact recycled. With ESG’s line of DublNature and EcoSoft paper products, you are guaranteed that nothing but 100% recycled material has been used to provide you with a quality product that is environmentally preferable.

What is the trial process?

At ESG Asia Pacific we want to make sure that our systems and programs are suited to your needs. That is why we offer a trial period to ensure that we are able to tailor our program to fit your business’s washroom usage and provide you with a proof of concept. The trial process involved a fit out of a selected area and gives you a chance to use, monitor and form an educated opinion on our unique systems. The best part of it all is that the entire process is obligation free and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, it won’t cost you a thing!

Do I need a trial process?

ESG highly recommends that you undergo our trial process before making any commitments. We are so certain that our washroom systems will go above and beyond your expectations that we are willing to offer this trial process as proof that our programs make more sense financially while simultaneously being environmentally sustainable.

How do we supply our products?

ESG are incredibly proud of our Distribution Partners throughout the region. We don’t deal with everyone; in fact we regularly decline requests to distribute our products. We chose to do business with companies who are likeminded and who we know will help us ensure your experience, from a product perspective through to servicing and delivery is above your expectations.

What guarantees do we have on our dispensers?

Outside of willful and ongoing damage, we guarantee our dispensers for the life of our supply relationship. Where batteries are involved, we cannot guarantee these for life, except for our LTX Touch Free Hand Hygiene Dispensers.  Our LTX dispensers carry the first ever lifetime performance guarantee on a battery powered hand hygiene dispenser, including the batteries!

How much do dispensers cost?

Once we have been able to establish the best system for your business; at the conclusion of a successful trial period, your dispensers won’t cost you a cent. Together we agree to a supply period, which guarantees the dispensers, covers the installation and outlines our supply arrangements.

Why do we use paper hand towel and not hand dryers?

Studies prove that employing paper hand towel as the primary method of drying hands after washing is more effective than the use of any automated air hand drying system. The correct use of paper hand towel after washing reduces the risk of bacteria being spread throughout workplaces or establishments and, therefore, increases the likelihood of a healthier environment for both team members and visitors.

How does ESG help to stop the spread of germs?

ESG Asia Pacific provides facilities with hand hygiene programs that include touchfree dispensing systems, one of the leading brands of hand sanitising foams and gels, and awareness support packages that help to increase hand hygiene compliance within working teams. We believe that alongside premium dispensing systems and products, awareness of the risks associated with the spread of germs in the workplace is key to a happier and healthier working environment for everyone.

What is the ESG Foundation?

The ESG Foundation is an initiative that is making moves to better the lives of people in need both locally and globally. The Foundation attempts to educate leaders and children within communities with the ideal intent of promoting sustainable growth. The programs and projects that the ESG Foundation chooses as beneficiaries and partners are determined by set attributes that are in line with the Foundation’s purpose. For more information regarding the ESG Foundation, its partners and current involvements, please go to the ESG Foundation page.