Who is the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation?

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Who is the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation?

The Australian Packaging Covenant (‘the Covenant’) is a document that sets out how governments and businesses share the responsibility for managing the environmental impacts of packaging in Australia. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is the entity in charge of managing and administering the Covenant. By becoming a Member of APCO and therefore a Signatory to the Covenant, organisations agree to shared commitments and joint responsibilities to work collaboratively to achieve sustainable packaging outcomes.

APCO’s five year strategic plan sets a clear pathway to success in achieving the goals of the Covenant by 2022, breaking new ground for the organisation. Our priorities include establishing improved recycling targets, more considered packaging design, sustainable alternatives and minimising waste to landfill. Now is the perfect time for both businesses and government to take action to ensure packaging resources are used and disposed of wisely to minimise environmental impact.

The Covenant aims to reduce the environmental impacts of Consumer Packaging by supporting two goals:

  1. Optimising resource recovery of Consumer Packaging through the supply chain by adopting approaches that make changes in the way we design use and buy packaging and packaged products so that packaging uses less resources and is more easily recycled, and enable packaging materials to be returned to the economy thereby minimising waste associated with the generation and consumption of Consumer Packaging across the supply chain.
  2. Preventing the impacts of fugitive packaging on the environment by adopting approaches that support new innovations and find solutions to capture packaging materials or waste before it enters the environment, or support the adoption of new or alternative types of packaging.

For more information on APCO and their projects, head to: www.packagingcovenant.org.au

View our 2019 APCO Annual Report & Action Plan here