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ESG Green Washrooms LTX™ Dispenser

A compact sleek dispensing system that combines the power of touch-free dispensing with premium formulas.

  • Lifetime performance guarantee including batteries
  • Smart electronics to optimize energy use
  • “At-a-glance” monitoring of product level
  • Controlled collapse refills look fully serviced for longer
  • Enhanced Lock-or-not design
  • GOJO Sanitary Sealed™ refills
  • Accessories: Messenger Station (White/Black), Shield Floor and Wall Protector (White/Black), Drip Tray


Product Codes:

  • ESG Green Washrooms LTX Dispenser
    White: 1380-04-ESG
    Black: 1386-04-ESG
    Chrome/Black: 1388-04-ESG
  • ESG Freshberry Foam Handwash 700ml Refill: 1316-03-ESG
  • Suitable For
    Healthcare, Hospitality, Commercial Property and Food Processing
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