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GOJO® FMX™ Dispenser

Manual style dispensing system holding a large 1.2L refill.

  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • ‘At-a-glance’ monitoring of product level
  • Option to lock-or-not
  • GOJO Sanitary Sealed™ refills
  • Available refills include luxury foaming hand-wash, antibacterial hand-wash and foaming hand, hair and body wash.


Product Codes:

  • GOJO FMX Dispenser
    White/Grey: 5150
    Black/Grey: 5155
  • GOJO FMX Luxury Foam Hand Wash 1250ml Refill: 5161-03
  • GOJO FMX Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash 1250ml Refill: 5163-03
  • GOJO FMX Green Seal Foam Hand Wash 1250ml Refill: 5165-03
  • GOJO FMX Anti-Bacterial Foam Hand Wash 1250ml Refill: 5189-03
  • Suitable For
    All Markets
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